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To get a custom quote for your project set up a 15 minute meeting to discuss the details.

No one ever makes a decision without knowing what they are getting into. A rough estimate is better than nothing at all, I get it. My goal is to provide you with as much transparency as possible to take the guesswork out of this unfamiliar process. 

Flat Rate

Who wants go into a project blind and stress about how much the project will cost while in the middle of it? You would constantly worry about the final bill. Eh, talk about stress. There is a better way. I advise all clients to take the flat rate path. There are several benefits, one being I can focus all of my energy into collaborating with you & your team on delivering the best result possible.

With all projects, we will discuss the project details prior to me providing a quote. I partner with you to ensure we are on the same page with the overall scope of work and timeline. Let's shake up the industry not your budget.

Hourly Rate

I very rarely work with clients on an hourly rate. For the few small projects that fall into an hourly billing rate category, I work at $85 an hour. *This is not the best bang for your buck!

To help avoid "billing surprises" I make sure all parties are on the same page with the overall scope of work. You will get a clear map of the road to project completion. This helps me give you an estimate for the project. Note the word "estimate," I cannot ensure the final bill will reflect the estimation exactly but I do everything in my power to get as close to it as possible.

Monthly Retainer

If you need ongoing support I offer retainer packages for dedicated on and off-site support starting at 10 dedicated hours a week. For 30 hours a week and above a discounted rate will be applied. Hire me for a week, month, or year! It is your call.




I lean heavily on Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and messenger. I am open to talking about whatever tool I needed to add to the toolbox in order to get the job done. I am also comfortable with Mac and PC and use Slack and InVison as needed. This list would be long if I named all of the tools I know how to use. Send me an email if you have any questions.


It would be better for both of us if I limit my writing. I tend to leave that to the experts. I have resources I can connect you with if you need content written for any project.

+ Can you help me build my WEBSITE?

Um, yes and no. This is a loaded question. Again, I tend to leave this to the experts. I am not a developer but I do know the basics. I always advise my clients to use a developer for custom sites but there are a several platforms that I am very comfortable using. Squarespace and Wordpress to name two but let's discuss your vision. I am sure we can figure out the right path.

+ What forms of payment do you take?

I send all of my invoices electronically via email and accept credit cards & bank transfers or simply mailing a check works as well. For large amounts, a check is preferred.

+ I have more questions can I just contact you?

Absolutely! Contact me with any questions or if you would like to talk about a project that needs a strategic partner, lets chat.